Madison has invited her parents to lunch to deliver some exciting and quite unexpected news. it’s so beautiful. It really is exquisite. I still can’t believe you’re engaged I know mom. He’s really, he’s so perfect. But it all happened so fast. We don’t even know anything about this lucky guy, what is he do? Well his name is Eric, and he’s a doctor. Ooh! I’m thinking country club. They seem genuinely happy for her, until… Uh.. is the a friend of yours? Dad, this is my fiancee Eric! Pleasure to meet you Sir.

It’s not the surprise Dad was expecting, and he makes his displeasure known. Your fiancee? This is a joke, right? No no no no, this is not gonna work. if you over heard these parents you could say sayonara to the country club. spewing racist and hateful comments to their daughter’s fiance Maddie, we raised you better than this. Mom! Dad! please! Marriage is hard enough without this interracial problem. What would you do? Our hidden cameras are rolling at Bernard’s Cafe in Bernerdsville, New Jersey this first customer is also newly engaged in what’s happening at the next table how will he react when the parents disapprove of their daughter’s fiance Hi, Hi. Is this a friend of yours? No, Dad this is Eric, my fiance! So nice to finally meet you guys.

This is your fiance? Yeah! uhhh not what we were expecting I dont’ get it. A second ago you were planning my wedding, your happy, and now your being weird. Aaron, I’m sure you’re a really nice person and it’s really nothing against you We just want you to marry someone who looks more like us As our parents storm away this gentlemen calmly waves the couple over Come over, pal. Have a seat. I feel bad for you guys. I appreciate that. I got an older daughter, 26. Let’s face it. My daughter has brought home some people that were–like eh, alright, whatever but you don’t treat people like that do you think we should postpone the wedding? If it–your gonna make it happen, you have to follow your heart.

You have to follow your heart, that’s you two. you’re not going to get anywhere living somebody else’s life heartfelt advice from a loving father to the young couple but will be as compassionate with the parents it was a little bit of a shock for us this guy’s asian so you think we’re wrong we roll again you bring us here in a public place to break this kind of news without telling us this.

What do you mean? what kind of news? what kind of news? look at this guy! Mom and Dad continue to put down Madison’s fiance and these two women can’t bear to watch I know this might come as a shock I’m not trying to ambush you but I really love your daughter you seem like a nice guy and everything but this is never going to work, I–I think I think we gotta go with the parents gone the women try and do what grandmas’ do best comfort and inspire Hi! I’m John QuiƱones and this is part of a tv show.

It’s called Oh stop it! it’s What Would You Do? oh my god! How dare you? that is absolute cruel Was it hard to listen to the parents? yes it was. I think today, life is very different from when I was growing up young adults, now, have a better chance with this enjoying life, together. without being shunned, in a sense it’s a lesson these parents say they learned when their daughter fell in love this last couple Carol and Martin have been married for nearly 60 years you’re engaged?! That’s an engagement ring? you got engaged? yeah! Well honey–we– We haven’t even seen a picture of him and the thought of new love has ’em all excited sorry! congratulations! oh thank you! but when the fiance arrives the mood changes it’s nothing about you, Eric but we were expecting somebody different somebody… a little bit more like us ten minutes ago you were so excited no offense but and now you’re being this gentlemen’s asian I can’t believe that your– Is this why you had this here instead of at our house? you’re being so ignorant about this no we’re not being ignorant well you are we’re being realistic come on come on, let’s cool you down are you gonna come back? take a break, yeah yes, we’re coming back come on thank you! good luck! thank you! when our parents return Carol Eisenburg doesn’t scold them instead she calmly reminds them of all the good their daughter’s fiance has to offer well it’s not easy for me and my wife to accept that he’s asian now it’s our turn to get to know this loving couple Hi! How are you? Hi! My name is John QuiƱones oh you’re kidding.

they’re all actors everybody were actors? yes! what was going through your mind? I couldn’t believe that I don’t think if it was a real situation I don’t think they would have handled it that way I don’t–you don’t know your mom didn’t want you dating me if I was a Roman Catholic that’s, that’s nothing anymore, any of that you know so and it worked out. we’re not sure, yet.

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