“You would believe me when I say, I just witnessed the same moon rise
from behind a cloud, but the cloud was not red,” Urd intimated.

“What was the color?” she toned.

“It looked black to me. But, it was not so much the color. The shape was
unusual for the sky,” Urd declared.

“You saw or should we say, you perceived a rose-shaped cloud? I mean,
did it have a stalk?” she asked with a sense of wonder.

“Yes, a short one. Despite brilliance, you know, the shining white that
the moon emanates, that dark rose shaped cloud kept its light hidden,
Then it broke out from the top, flooding the place with light.”

There was a silent interval, maybe a space in which a star fell, but we
could not hear it. The moonlight was so dominant that stars receded.
They breathed together.

Urd spoke first. “How did you know it was rose-shaped,” he breathed into

“Saw it first. Thought the experience might well be the same for you
save that yours was black and mine was red,” she explained.

“I think it goes further than this my sister. I think you saw in your
mind’s eye what I saw in actuality. When I said a peculiar shape for the
sky, you saw instantaneously, a rose. Is this how it happened?”

“Nice reading my big brother, but your sister is still only a student.
Perception is not something I understand yet. Gather, I’ll get it along
the way.”

“Don’t be too hard on you. Hey, don’t be modest either. You’re quite
insightful, quite perceptive,” Urd intimated.

“Thanks.” She turned away to look at her vase for a while, picking it
up, drawing it closer to her face looking for unobserved inscriptions,
cryptic or easily understood.

“Hey sis, could I say something. I think you’re real smart. I believe
you’re going to be fascinating in your field. Don’t know the path to it
just yet, but I hope you stay a while on Earth before you head for the
stars, the moon or Mars. You know, the sort of enterprise that is
becoming business these days. I want you to stay human. Think about
compassionate creatures.”

Urd could not help the narrative flow that seemed to grip his belly. He
heard his voice coming from inside him.

This is not to say it never did. Of course, the voice always originated
from within, passing through one’s mouth and nostrils. That we
understand. But in his case, its origin was heavy, sometimes light and
fluid. It paused at times, then rumbled on at another.

Then there were moments of a warm run when he wished nothing disrupted
that effulgence. After a while, its simple function amazed him!

“I wish Mama was here to see you, hear things you and I talk about. She
would be proud of you Rosetta.” Urd sounded moved by his own expression
of love.

“Wherever she is, she is proud of me. Ask her Urd. You and mother always
spoke. Remember, Papa and I would spend hours looking for all types of
yard worms, plant types, leaf patterns in the hope of forming patterns
from living and non-living things. You and Mama read aloud a lot. I read
with her, but not as much as you and she. Hey, why are we here, I mean,
on this subject? A necessary intervention, I suppose,” Rosetta answered
herself, lightening the heart’s plumb.

“Urd, have you seen a rose lately?” she asked innocently shifting to
return to an unanswered matter.

“Don’t know if I should tell you this, but Zeen asked that I buy her two
roses tomorrow. I’m going to see her and she wants me to bring her two

“don’t go tomorrow,” Rosetta sounded as if she were warning him.

“Well, well, what’s going on here? Why should I not go tomorrow? Is
there something you know about Zeen that I do not know?”

“Yes. The same mind’s eye that perceived the rose-shaped dark cloud is
the same one thinking you should go on the following day and not
tomorrow. Can you just believe your sister, the one you’re proud of?”

“Zeen’s going to be upset,” Urd suggested.

“I know. She can be pretty demanding, but she’s nice. I just want you to
be careful. She’s a bit obsessed with her body, her sexuality. I don’t
always trust this in woman and I am woman.”

“I find it exciting,” Urd confessed.

“Ha-ha. So my big brother, you like it. I didn’t know that about you. I
thought you took your time, you know, careful like your Mama. I think
this is where you were like Mama. Choosy, picky, cautious.”

“It’s getting close to twelve thirty Rosetta. I must get to work today.”

“Running away? Promise me, you’ll try the experiment. Don’t go to Zeen
tomorrow Monday. Go on Tuesday. Let’s see how she responds when my
brother does not respond to her call. Ha-ha. What do you think”?

“I think it’s a cool idea,” he agreed.

“Let me know how that talk goes tomorrow night,” she added.

“O yes. I will my experimenter sister. Just before you go. When should I
buy the rose?”

It was an odd question though in one sense it made sense. Should he buy
the rose on Monday evening or on Tuesday morning? Made sense to buy it
on Tuesday morning. It would be fresher, probably would’ve been cut that
same day.

“Buy one tomorrow Monday,” his sister advised. Place it out in the moon,
in a vase of course. Place it out before you sleep Monday night. Let it
capture the dew on Tuesday morning. On Tuesday, buy the other two and
bring the three to her. See whether she can discern any difference.”

Urd was blown!

“But what if she’s so mad with me not coming on Monday that she tells me
don’t come on Tuesday?”

“Not the Rosetta I know. She’ll have you even if you went on Friday.
Don’t get me wrong. I like her. I just want my big brother, sheltered so
much by my wonderful Mama, to have some maneuverability in this affair.”

“Is this what space psychology is all about?”

“I don’t know. I’m sure Zeen will show you a few spaces my big brother.
Careful how you enter that conversation.”

“You call it a conversation. How sensual can language be.”

They said good morning. The moon was on its way west. Rosetta climbed
into her pillow spaceship only to feel her father’s feelings. His warm
smile came to her. What a man he was to her mother and brother and her.

Life can be cruel. That thought passed. Another is on its way, formed
long before she thought it. Heaven, they say, knows — sh.

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