Urd looked with amazement for once at the old woman as she crossed the
pedestrian lines, cane in hand, brave, resolute, trusting that drivers
hold their feet. It was not that he had not seen an older person
crossing streets before; this one caught is attention.

Something poured out of this elder despite her bend. She exuded a sort
of confidence rarely seen. The encounter drew his attention away
temporarily from Zeen and Rosetta.

He could not find Rosetta. She was not responding to his texts. Zeen had
long switched off, leaving him to his gas station, the road ahead, its
twists, its turns.

It was his turn to uncover, discover himself. Clearly, his methods would
not be the same — feeling his body, even intercepting images or
perceiving moonlight’s effect on ceramic.

And yet, he thought, what if these were all part of what constituted his
life experience — female friends, a sister interested in objects beyond
this Earths’, his own uprooting, his arrival at a place in himself he
did not know but one he could not dodge.

He waited as the elder crossed. His thoughts ran many questions — who
is she, what does this image mean, what was she doing out at this time
of the night, was she enjoying the moonlight, was she being moved too by
its brilliance, was the feeling,albeit within her own skin and age, move
by the same energy Zeen was being moved and changed by?

Or, was she an old scientist, retired, eager to spend her retirement
days exploring nature, its light and nights of lights. Its moonlight,
its starlight probably thrilled her.

He was sure their eyes met. He felt that abiding friendliness behind his
screen. Did she see him staring at her?

Who was she? If he had spoken with Rosetta before, he would surely be
thinking that she must be from somewhere other.

Rosetta never trusted what she saw. To her, what was visible could be
from another dimension, visiting for a while. This is why she always
felt she had to be kind to whomsoever she met. It was something their
mother said daily to her children — be kind. You never know who you’re

After the elder’s powerful crossing, Urd took off again, intensely aware
of the effect this elder had on his thinking. What if he met another?
Would his thoughts of her be the same? What if it were an old man? Would
he travel on words of his father always cautioning him about patience,
rushing to completion or just walking at a pace that allowed for a
relationship with pure gravity? He smiled to himself.

Maybe it’s time to find Rosetta again. He decided against Zeen.

Zeen was fiercely independent, and that, he respected. He knew also that
when she was sweet, she was so sweet — as he was soon to find out.

He remembered Zeen telling him that she enjoyed making love as the moon
descended. She had a theory about it too.

He entered his apartment. As he retrieved his phone intending to call
Rosetta, as he looked at its pad, it rang.

“Hi sis,” he answered. “You must be a mystic woman. As soon as I took my
phone to call you, you called.”

“Imagine that. We reached for our phone almost if not at the same time
over distance,” she replied.

“What does that say to my astronomy sister?” he teased.

“It says we are attuned, aligned, in harmony.” She broke out laughing.
“So what’s up?” she asked sounding as if she was sipping from some
liquid right after the question.

“What are you drinking?” Urd asked.

“Hmm, some ginger tea.”

“On a hot night like this. You’re really like Mama. She would drink
ginger nearly every hour.” They laughed in tandem.

“I must tell you my brother,” Rosetta continued, “I was accepted to the
college’s astronomy and space psychology program.”

“Well, congratulations. I am so proud of you. Did you tell Zeen about it?”

“Yeah. She too feels good about it.”

“Wow. So what do I begin to look out for if I need to help you find?”
Urd asked innocently.

“Any strange phenomena,” his sister replied seriously.

There were a few seconds for silence. Silence had to enter to give wings
to thoughts honestly expressed.

“I’ll be up late tonight,” Rosetta added. “If you are up, you can call.
Always nice speaking with you my big brother. And, thanks for your support.”

“Don’t mention it,” he answered.

“Remember that vase I have, the one with the blue base?”

“Yeah, what about it?”

“Did you know or observe that it was made in Khartoum, Sudan?”

“You’re serious. How do you know that?”

“It was written at the bottom of it,” she replied. “I find this

“What makes it significant?”

“The material. The clay used to form it may well be used for healing
fractured bone. Hey,who knows, it may be the stuff of comets.” They
laughed at the leap.

“What does Zeen think?” asked Urd inquisitively.

“Zeen? She’s turned on by everything that seems other or mysterious and,
there’s so much, so many of these phenomena coming these days. Don’t
know how she’s gonna carry those emotions changing as interplanetary
forces roll on.”

“I don’t think it is that serious. Zeen’s balanced. She’s cool,” Urd

“O, you like her now?” asked Rosetta.

“I always liked her. Maybe I should call her now. The mere fact that
we’re talking about her signals she’s thinking about us. What do you
think psychologist?

Rosetta breathed. “OK, talk with you soon.” She turned off.

“Hi Zeen,” Urd spoke softly. :What’s up?”

“What are you doing Urd? I’m feeling so full of energy. Wow. What a
night. Nice you cared to call back after I told you I wanted to be
alone. I’m so hot. Can you spend a few moments with me while I touch
edges of my moonlight?” — sh

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