You are already accustomed to a sight where an older man is with a younger woman. It makes you wonder, why are younger women attracted to older men?” There is this part of you that felt disturbed with the sight. Recognizing the reality of what you have encountered is getting hard to sink in. It seems so hard to comprehend how a couple with very wide age gap managed to perpetuate. Why are these lovers not picking on someone their own age? Let me get this straight. I am not against this dating practice. I am just merely exploring and presenting the facts so that we can have a greater understanding when it comes to this issue. Seeing a man with a beautiful younger woman who is as old as her granddaughter stimulates a feeling of awe to some people.

In my case, I have grown desensitized to it to a point that it has become a reality. What do you think are the reasons why younger women are attracted to older men? How older men attract younger women fascinates me. If I could figure out the reasons why, then I could learn how to attract and seduce women better. So what does these elders have that we don’t have? What have they acquired throughout the years that make them more effective in flirting with women? What do they have that we don’t have? The answer could be hinted with the developmental process. Here are the reasons why younger women date older men: 1. Experience. If you are given a choice between a knowledgeable man and an experienced man, then choose the experienced man. There are a lot of lessons in life that could only be acquired through experience.

Older men have gained some valuable experience in life that makes them a viable choice for a lover. While the younger men on the other hand, has a lot to learn in dating women and in life in general. Experience has become an older man’s Medal of Honor that he could flaunt boldly. 2. Definite goals. Older gentlemen know what they want and how to get it. Through their years perfecting the art of attracting and seducing women, they already know the objectives that need to be acquired in order to drop the ladies’ panties. When a man is goal oriented, he will become an efficient flirting machine that the ladies find irresistible.

3. Financially stable. Older men have stable jobs that could sustain a family. Every woman is secretly hoping for a happy family that could be supported by a man who has a steady income. Older men satisfy the need of a woman for stability which qualifies them to be a candidate for her love and affection. Can you see now why the older men attract younger women? 4. Confidence. Confidence comes naturally when you know what you are doing, what you did and what you are going to do.

As you achieve the goals that you set for yourself, your belief in your capabilities will naturally increase. Thus, you will become more confident in your approach with women. Confidence is like a smoke that follows the fire of knowledge and competence. 5. Commitment. Women want to know if the relationship goes somewhere. They want to know if they are just for the night or for a lifetime.

Most women desire for a lifelong partner who don’t play around with her feelings. The promise of commitment from an older man attracts younger women to their knees. This is the difference between a boy and a man. 6. Higher social value. In our society, older man has a higher social value than an inexperienced boy. When a younger girl associates herself with an older man, she will consequently increase her social standing. Higher social value means more respect from peers and greater access to scarce resources. This is one of the benefits of dating an older man that a lady is after. 7. Maturity. Childish people are so annoying. They just don’t conform to what the society is expecting of them.

They are very awkward which often lead to more trouble. Although they deserve respect just like any human being does, gorgeous women avoid them like a plague. While the mature men on the other hand are more well-mannered and refined. They can seduce a girl with their shear elegance. Mature people are more useful to the society of which the younger women want to be a part of. With this reason alone, you will understand why younger women prefer older men. 8. Father figure. Some beautiful women are going through life without a father figure to guide and reassure them. These women want to fill an empty void within. They feel the need to catch up because of what they miss out. This is where an older man comes in. It is like a two in one deal. She can get a father figure who can take care of her and a lover who can seduce her passionately. She just wants someone to play the role of her daddy and an older man could fit perfectly fine. 9. Direct to the point. Younger men have not out grown the fear of rejection.

They often times reveal their feeling and desires in several ways while having being direct-to-the-point at the bottom of the list. Just like men, women have desires too. They are often turned on when a guy conveys his desires for her at an appointed time. While the older men on the other hand have outgrown the fear of rejection and have managed the approach anxiety. This makes them a more suitable candidate for seduction. 10. Dominance. As we approach the dawn of a new age, women are gaining more and more rights. However, they still secretly expect men to take charge of the situation. This type of males is called an alpha male who can sweep a lady off her feet.

Older men being more established and confident exude dominance of his soon-to-be bedroom conquest. The younger women will gladly open her gate wide for her dominant lover. Here are the top reasons why younger women like older men. What attributes of an older gentleman can you assimilate into your game? Learning from our elders could prove beneficial even in getting a girlfriend. These gentlemen have acquired wisdom and understood the concepts in dating beautiful women through their experience. Knowing their strength and lack their off could improve our seduction skills.

Could you really blame a young beautiful girl from falling for an older man?.

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