Rosetta climbed about ten steps to find herself on a platform lined with
pillars that held up a sort of connection hallway between two buildings
on either side. She then walked down another ten to find herself in a
courtyard looking space.

A number of students were spread across the yard sipping tea or coffee,
chatting by twos or threes. She thought the cafeteria to be on the left
and then saw the name.

The courtyard was about fifty yards square with a massive
cathedral-looking building in the distance ahead. To her right was
another building on which was inscribed biology and history. How did
these two come together, she thought.

She walked ahead into the gatherings, the socializing, the
getting-to-know each other. This was day one and she was not the only
new one.

Should I have a coffee or not, she thought. She breathed its smell
across the courtyard then decided against it. She turned to the building
to her right, almost as if pulled or drawn to it and headed in that

The darkened glass door was a bit heavy. She pulled at it with her
strong arms and entered to find herself beneath a dome-shaped cover or
roof with what seemed like underwater sea creatures floating, drifting
or just hanging. How did they get that effect, she began thinking?
First, she thought a combination of biology and history to be unique,
now she was charmed by the building’s interior, its pale to sky blue,
its mint-green to dark forest,its bursts of burnt orange …

Then she heard footsteps coming down the spiraling large steps to her
left. But between the steps, she heard another knock.

“Hi,” she heard the elder woman’s voice say, “you must be new here.” For
once her heart beat. “Yes, I am,” she answered confidently.

“Well, welcome to biology and history. I am Dr. Rosemoon Sinkuah.”

“A pleasure to meet you Dr. Sinkuah. I am Rosetta Youvellah.”

“You’re Hopi,” Dr. Sinkuah asked smiling. “My father was. My mother was

“You said ‘was’? Where are they at present,” the professor inquired.
Rosetta hesitated. “I’ll tell you about it when I’ve settled down. This
is my first day and my first building. This building attracted me from
the time I entered the courtyard.”

“yes, it is a historic building, full of life and learning. Wait till
you meet the students en masse. Look, take this card. I am in room 333.
Come see me anytime. Who knows, you may well be in one of my classes,”
she added as she took to walking away.

Rosetta felt the need arising to tell her that she had seen her before
and that her brother had seen her before crossing the road and that she
thought her elegant. But there was a calm resolve here. There was no
rush. This woman was her friend and she felt it in her listening,
breathing bones.

“Hi, you look a bit lost. Are you OK? I’m Stephen,” the young male said,
extending his left hand.

Rosetta loved his head of dreads immediately. He must’ve been in his
mid-twenties, tall, elegant too.

“I’m new. My name’s Rosetta,” she replied.

“History or biology?” he asked. She didn’t know this was an initiation
question. “don’t know yet,” she said coyly.

“I’m into both,” Stephen answered. “I gather, you’ll find your space
within the next few days,” he added.

“Thing is,” Rosetta explained, “I do not even know yet, whether I’m
going to be here at all,”

Stephen looked at her curiously. “Most students who find themselves in
here, end up doing something here.
This is the tradition, this is the story. You’ll here it as you get
adapted. Come on, would you like to have a coffee with me?”

Rosetta didn’t mind and they left the biology and history building and
headed into the courtyard which by now was filled with many students.

Zeen was calling and she decided to take the call while she followed
Stephen to the cafeteria. “How is it,” Zeen asked sounding rather

“Hi Zeen,” Rosetta answered quite excitedly, “I’m just beginning to get
around. Jus about to have a coffee.”

“Alone?” Zeen asked inquisitively.

“Hmmm, You’re so insightful. No. In fact, just met this guy and we took
to talking. He asked to have a coffee with him and I didn’t mind.”

“good,” Zeen replied. “You should always have a good male friend at
college,” she advised. “Adds some spice to your life over your stay
there. How’s Urd?”

Rosetta was not surprised. “He’s supposed to see you tomorrow Tuesday.
That’s what he told me,” she answered quietly knowing the plan to bring
in the three roses on Tuesday. “He told me he was about to buy you
roses. What are you doing to my brother?” she asked laughingly.

Zeen did not hear the last question, her mind focused on the first
statement about Tuesday. “We were supposed to meet today as far as I
know,” she revealed.

“Anyway, I’m about to enter the cafeteria, so we’ll talk later. Speak
with Urd. He might have a change of plan. And I must tell you, I met a
beautiful Hopi woman. She’s a professor.”

“Dr. Sinkuah?” Zeen asked enthusiastically.

“Yes. Do you know her?” Rosetta sounded.

“Yes,” Zeen said, “she teaches the course on sex and reproductive life”

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