Rosetta was tuned to excel, but she did not know the depth of influence
she was about to have at Christobal college. The only evidence she had
of her overcoming was the beat she felt and heard in her heart, the
strength emerging in her total body substance. She felt clean!

Her black jeans rolled up her body and fitted perfect. She loved a
three-quarter heels, opting for that over her accumulation of
fashionable flats. Her top was white.

She felt like calling Zeen just for the excitement. Urd would be picking
her up this morning and they had much to talk about including the rose
experiment, their mother and father, Rosetta’s entry into college, how
proud he felt about his little sister, how beautiful she looked. So much.

Zeen was up after a wonderful six hours down from midnight. Who would’ve
thought otherwise.

By daybreak she was dressed in her white gown, wearing laced boxers and
a face deeply satisfied with the moon, her experiences and her body

Yes, she had become an acupressure expert holding points of interest
around her vulva, creating for herself passion flights. She would tickle
her breasts, laugh mischievously as she ran her finger down between her
legs into her moistness.

But something else was happening. Zeen picked up the telephone to call
Rosetta to wish her a good first day.

“Last night must’ve been something else for you Zeen. You’re ready for
today. How do you do it?”

Zeen laughed as usual, her positive spirit dominating all else. “I think
of the few men I knew from days of my growing up, I imagine being with
them. Even when we did not have any kind of intercourse, I think of what
I would do them now. So in addition to this body which responds so
beautifully, I think. And, I think rude.”

Her answer seemed fittingly honest. Rosetta thought of her brother and
the roses. “Urd told me he’s seeing you today.”

Yah. I’m looking forward to that meet. Urd’s cool,” she intimated. “But
today is your day Rosetta. Do you know the courses you’re starting with
given your interest? Zeen could be quite rigorous when she needed to be.

“Hmmm. I’ve been thinking. I must start with at least one of my subjects
of interest. I think this has to be space psychology. Christobal offers
it. Then I think I would like to begin to do the compulsory math.”

“What about a course in sex and reproductive health?” Zeen suggested.

Rosetta had not thought about it. “Let’s see if it is being offered.”

“I think it is being offered,” Zeen came back. “It was being offered
when I completed my undergraduate a few years ago.”

“What was the course title? Rosetta asked.

“I think then it was called sex, birth and the life cycles. They’ve
changed it now pushing the subject a bit closer to gynaecology and
obstetrics, the midwife etc.”

“Interesting,” answered Rosetta. “I wonder who teaches it now.”

“Don’t know. The last time I checked, the professor was woman and was of
Hopi origin.”

“Does it matter if she’s Hopi and is still there?” Rosetta inquired.

“Not at all,” Zeen replied. “In fact, she brings an important element to
bear on sex, birthing and spirituality. The ancestral belief systems
come into focus with some implications for psychology etc.”

“You can be quite interesting, even scholarly,” Rosetta complimented
Zeen, “even while you’re so obsessed with sex.”

“You call it obsessed? I don’t think I’m obsessed. I think I love
pleasure,” she answered confidently with a sense of mastery.

It was time to leave. Rosetta thanked her as she heard the horn to Urd’s
car outside. She said goodbye and headed for the door, keys in hand. She
shut her one-room apartment and headed for the car to find her brother
looking a bit grim.

“Good morning. You don’t look too happy today. What’s on?”

“Just didn’t sleep well,” he confessed. “Came upon some visions that
made me tired — men and women appearing from within bursts of galaxies,
others shooting out of the moon and stars, animals never seen on Earth
befriending children and women. It was tiring because I tried to make
sense of it when all I had to do was let it flow.”

Rosetta laughed lightly. “I’ve never seen you so perplexed. Hey, I’m
going to school today. That should cheer you up. Then, you’re buying
your first rose today, that’s the one you have to leave in the dew.”

“You’re too focused my sister. How much does this matter to you?” he
asked as they drove away.

“Very much. I seem to know what women can do to men much better than you
know what women can do to you,” she logicized. “I just like to know
you’re having a date and it must be equal to your intellect, intrigue
and sense of romance. You must’ve drawn this from Mama. She was a
romantic you know.”

“Now I think of it, she must’ve been. She read all those stories and got
me to read lines. She was so full of adventure,” Urd reflected heartfully.

“Wow. Look at this elder woman crossing. She’s so stately, yet she
carries a cane. Interesting.”

Urd looked instantly to the right. There she was, the same woman he had
seen that night. “I saw this woman before crossing at another point in
the college area. Hmm. That’s weird. I wonder who she is.”

For a few seconds Rosetta thought they looked at each other. Their eyes
met. There was a depth friendliness about her, a warmth. She felt like
someone Rosetta had met before, spoken with before. They moved on.

Soon she would be at her stop. “What is the color of the rose you’re
buying today? She asked provocatively.

“Zeen said the two should be red,” he replied.

“Well, my handsome brother, let today’s rose be white.” She gave him a
five and jumped out of the passenger’ seat. He watched her go, her
exceptional form, her style, her beauty as if staying with him even as
she vanished — sh.

Author: Steinberg Henry books Calypso Drift <> An Unassuming Love

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