♫ I love you yes I do ♫ Something about the boy I do yes I do yes I do ♫ I love you yes I do ♫ Something about the boy I do yes I do yes I do – Hey guys, it’s Brooklyn and today I have a special guest. This is my boyfriend Parker. – Hey guys. – And we are finally going to film the boyfriend tag, and we are doing this? – In the month of February and we’re going to celebrate Valentine’s Day and our one year is this month. – Yeah, we’ve been dating for one year, oh my gosh that was like the most awkward hug ever. (awwing) We’ve been dating for one year and it’s super exciting and you guys get to officially meet Parker because he’s been in a lot of videos but he hasn’t officially been like introduced to y’all, so. Thought we’d do that, so let’s get on to the video. You’re nervous? Think you’re gonna get ’em right? – I think I’m gonna get ’em right. – We’ll see. – Our first date was at Yogurtville. It’s a little yogurt place– – It’s on video. – [Bailey] We just thought we’d stop in for some yogurt.

(giggling) Hi Parker. – Hi. They came in like– – That’s true– – They came in like barged into our, into our date. – It was, we sat there for four-ish hours? – Um tell ’em what you get in your ice cream. First of all, it’s disgusting, tell ’em. – What do I get on my ice cream? – That date, the oreo with gummy bears inside. – Oh yeah, I like gummy bears and oreos. I just, I put ’em– – He puts it to, like no! – I put ’em on separate sides and then I eat them separately and then I– – He literally puts– – No it tastes, it’s good. – It’s so gross. – I promise it’s good. My first impression of Brooklyn, okay so that kind of involves how we met, and so we met back in eighth grade and the first thing I did, we sat next– – He copied answers off me.

– Well no, not copied okay. We were sitting in the back of our Spanish class and I couldn’t see the board ’cause I didn’t have my contacts yet, and so I just asked her nicely hey, can I look off yours ’cause I can’t see what she’s writing when we were writing notes. So it was very like smart and studious was my very first impression, and she was really pretty so. – Thanks. We have been together for a year, as of the 17th of February. – Yeah. – Yeah! – It’s our, it’s the month that we’re gonna be a year in. – Yeah, this month. – I would like to say we share the pants, but we don’t, she wears them. – That’s so mean, we make decisions as a couple. He just listens to me when he’s supposed to. I don’t even know the answer to this. – Shirt… Purple, it was purple. – Purple? – Obviously it was purple. – I don’t think I’ve ever worn purple. Wait, let me find… I told you it wasn’t purple! It was my oh that’s unfair. It’s like a bazillion colors. – There’s purple. – Okay really? It’s– – There’s purple rollerskates on it.

– Like crop top with rollerskates on it. – There’s purple rollerskates on it. I was right. – Okay there’s like pink, purple, yellow, orange– – I wasn’t focused on the shirt. – That’s fair, that’s a fair answer. Oh this is easy. He doesn’t like anything, ever, at all. (clears throat) – There’s a lot. – He doesn’t like peanut butter and jelly. He hates cheese. Macaroni. I’m not, how– – You coming to a stop right here. You got two more. – Oh shoot. There’s so many I just can’t think of ’cause I always list the same ones. – Uh is there a time limit? I think that reaches the time limit– – Stop I can’t think of, broccoli! He doesn’t like broccoli. (humming Jeopardy theme) I mean does sandwiches count ’cause you’re not really a fan of sandwiches in general. Stop, any pasta, he doesn’t like pasta. (dinging) When he eats a hamburger, he eats the bread separately and then the patty separately, that’s all. That’s all. – I like it how I like it. I got this because I got her blue converse for our six month, so it was a…

– There’s like two different sizes. – Yes there’s two different sizes. Six in adults and a three in kids. – Yeah, but for the most part it’s like average of five. That’s like my real shoe size, but six in converse. – I don’t know if this officially counts, but she asks why to everything. You can ask, you can tell her your name and she’ll ask why? And then– – That’s true. – She asks why to everything. The TV show that Brooklyn would watch right now would be The Office. – True! I’m only on season six. – She’s only halfway through, I’ve seen it like– – Well that’s ’cause I inch along ’cause I have like no time, so I go like one episode per week. – I got time. I’ve seen it a few times. What kind of cake would Brooklyn want for her birthday? – Because it’s kind of a trick question. – Truly I would think she would pick like brownies or ice cream over a cake, but if we’re going to go with a cake I would say like– – Let’s give him a round of applause just for the fact that he knew I liked brownies better than cake.

(applause) – I would say like maybe chocolate, like whatever has the most chocolate you can think of, so like a chocolate with chocolate icing. – You’re so good! You’re doing great, this question was amazing. That’s a hard one, honestly I don’t even know that. – Well, she really likes Christmas music but that’s not her favorite. I’m just gonna go with like pop. – Yeah, I do like pop. I like like the, I don’t really like like a certain genre, I just like songs of all sorts. – Like certain songs here and there. – Yeah, it’s kind of just like a blend. – Well one thing is my backpack. I don’t really have time during the day so I just kind of put things in there. – It’s a mess. – And they’re in chronological order, the papers. – He doesn’t put ’em in folders or anything. He literally just sticks the papers in his backpack. – I start out in folders and then it kind of just like– – How do you find anything when things are just? – See I was right. – Crushed in there. – I was right, that’s one of them.

– And you have to have like folders. I have my folders for every individual class and they’re in chronological order and there’s one side for done and one side for getting done. – It’s okay, look I have my backpack, you have yours. Deep breath, deep breath, it’s going to be okay. And so obviously you can see that’s one of them. If Brooklyn were to play a sport that I liked to watch, like a guy’s sport I would think, I would think that she would play football because when she was younger her dad kind of took her as the boy and taught her how to throw a football, so she can throw a spiral. I’ve seen it before. – Wait I thought you said you haven’t seen it. – I have. Once I think. We were, yeah, so I think it would be football. – I don’t know when we, when did we throw a football? – Outside Allie’s house. So Brooklyn’s most embarrassing moment, we were both in Dolly G’s, well Miss Dollinger’s room, Dolly G, she has filmed a few videos with y’all right? – Yes I have, she’s like my favorite teacher.

– Yeah, she’s awesome. We were eating lunch in there and she was actually wearing my sweatshirt and she got hot so she went to take it off and the shirt came right with it. She was wearing stuff under it, so it really wasn’t– – It was like a tank top, but it was one of those tank tops where it’s like, my bra was still showing underneath my tank top. – It wasn’t that big of a deal ’cause I was actually turned around. But she’s, you know– – That’s what he says. We don’t know if it’s true. (oohing) I thought he just said that to be nice. – I wasn’t even watching so, it wasn’t that embarrassing. – Okay it was still embarrassing. – Well, who was Brooklyn’s first crush? Well she, I didn’t know her ’til eighth grade so she probably had a crush before eighth grade, I’m not sure, but her first crush when I knew her was a guy named Brian.

And they didn’t date, but they were close to it. – And I started liking Parker while we had a thing. – Brian didn’t like me, to say the least. Brian didn’t, the one conversation we had we both looked down enough to realize we were wearing the same shoes. I think that describes it perfectly. Why can’t I think of this? – He doesn’t know this? (gasps) What kind of boyfriend are you? Oh come on! Come on, I’m obsessing over this one thing that’s coming out really soon. (gasps) – Emma Watson! – Yes! – Beauty and the Beast. It comes out on our anniversary, so we’re going. – Yes we are. – She’s a little bit, I would say like maybe just a little, not very much. – No I’m, I’m pumped. I’m so excited I’m taking him with me. – I was asked this in the past. What is her dream job? I got an egg smashed on my head because I said the wrong version of this. – Yes, a psychiatrist and psychologist, they are different! – That’s the same…

(sighs) (laughing) That’s the same thing. I just have to think and make sure I get it right. It’s, she wants to be a psychiatrist. – Yeah! – Not psychologist. Psychiatrist. – He finally got it right. What kind of psychiatrist? – A child psychologist, that one– – No you just said psychologist. – Psychiatrist. And so those, ’cause those are the ones that can write the prescriptions. – Yes. – And help people. – Yeah. – I was wrong on the last video, I’m not wrong on this video. Besides text, what can Brooklyn do for hours and hours and hours? Besides text me I’m gonna say read, or watch The Office. – True. – Both of those things, if she had enough time she would do them. – That was a good answer. I would read. – What is Brooklyn’s biggest fear? – That’s an easy one. – That’s an easy one. Tight enclosed spaces, she’s claustrophobic, very. – Claustrophobic, very. The worst subject in the world? – Obviously it’s English, you got a 35 on your English ACT right? – Stop, shh. – It’s math, she struggles with math. She’s in pre-calc so I come and help her ’cause I took pre-calc– – He’s amazing at math.

He got a 34 on his math ACT and I got like a zero. – If Brooklyn could visit anywhere in the world right now she would visit… – You really don’t know this? – Bora Bora. – Yes! Bora Bora. – I was thinking of Hawaii at first, but it’s Bora Bora. – Yes it’s Bora Bora. They have those pretty little like houses that sit over the water and there’s like– – Could you answer that for me? – And there’s… – Could you? Mhmm, that’s what I thought. – You don’t tell me where you want to go. – All right, next question. – Hawaii, where would you want to go? – Hawaii. – Yeah see? – I’ve only been to Hawaii once, and it was in my mom’s stomach. – He was in the womb. – So it doesn’t count, but my family always thinks it counts so they’d be like you don’t need to go to Hawaii again, you’ve already been. I’m like I haven’t seen anything! – ‘Cause he was… – I’m gonna say like a dog or a puppy that has been abused, or you get to like you know the babies that are in bad homes or something like that.

Like in Africa. – Look I’m like tearing up thinking about it, so sad. It’s so sad. – Brooklyn’s best friend in elementary school was a girl named Morgan. – He’s never met her. – I’ve never met her. I’ve talked to her on the phone though. – Yeah a lot. Like that’s all we do when we’re together is like call him and like text him. – Yeah when she’s not here she calls me. – Thank you guys so much for watching. I hope you enjoyed that video. Be sure to comment below on if you want to see Parker in any more videos which I hope you say yes because then he can come over and we can make more videos, which is exciting. Be sure to subscribe to our channel by clicking the button right over here. If you want to see more of our videos, click the boxes over here. And that’s all we have for you guys today so thank you so much and we’ll see you next week. Bye! (upbeat music)

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