Hey guys! Welcome back to Yaeko Smiles! today, I have two friends as my guests Cynthia from California and Hong Kong. International background. Ami (yummy) from Japan And I’m Yaeko. Yayyyy today, we’re gonna talk about Cynthia: Except I’m not Japanese. haha Today I found this article “9 facts about dating Japanese women” on the internet They introduce 9 facts about dating Japanese girls Now, we’re gonna discuss whether or not these facts are true and also I’m gonna ask Cynthia what she thinks about these facts. yayyyy Ami: No I don’t. But I sometimes say what I really think. Yaeko: Yea. Sometimes. Cynthia: Usually you guys are pretty reserved But Ummm you know We want guys to understand or feel what we really mean. But we won’t directly say what we really mean. We want you to get the message from us without actually saying it. Yaeko: What about Western girls? Ami: How about Chinese? (American) Cynthia: Chinese? Ami: California California Girls! So just from my personal stance, I’m much more forward. like, I don’t really like to play games, like mind games. So I just way what’s on my mind or what I feel.

Cynthia: I’ve never met anybody in a bar. Ami: Me neither. I feel like that applies to any country even like here Vancouver. Cynthia: I think ya it is true. Ami & Yaeko: Not healthy. I mean it’s not impossible. It’s just says it’s difficult. Oh yeah. It is difficult. It’s difficult. haha So, when you say “no thanks” or when you are being reserved that just means like you’re just shy Yaeko: just shy. Cynthia: Right? Yaeko: Just like Yaeko: like umm.. I don’t really mean “no thanks” but I’ll be hesitant because if I say “I wanna go/do, the guy might think that I’m interested in him. Do you agree? Cynthia: like for me when I say “no thanks” I really mean “no thanks”. I’m just like “I’m not interested in you. like don’t go wasting like our time like your money, and all that hahahaha Wait so, If you actually really said “no thanks” would you actually… Yaeko: We don’t say “no thanks” directly.

We just say “oh… if guys ask me like “oh do you wanna hang out with me?” if I don’t wanna hang out with him, I just say “oh I’m sorry. This week I’m so busy. I can’t.” Ami: Yea. Cynthia: But you actually want to??? Yaeko: No!! I don’t want to (hang out) but I don’t wanna say “no”. Because like… Cynthia: You wanna be polite. No but I’m saying the case of like you actually like the guy, and the guy actually asks you out on a date, but you’re like kinda shy. So, you’re like “Oh no thanks”. but do you actually want him to like I don’t really know! Yaeko: If I like the guy, and he asks me out on a date, I won’t say “no thanks”.

(I will say “yes”.) But maybe I won’t text him and call him. Ami: Please understand (guys)!!!!! Yaeko: Yeah, I want you to know that I want to call/text you, but I don’t wanna be the one calling you. Cynthia: I do think people do date (South Asian Men) like just for the person, who they are. Yaeko: Especially university students. I mean exchange students (studying in Japan) from other countries and a local student, or vice versa. Ami: Hmm… South Asia guys So, specifically a foreigner (non-Japanese) or a specific race It’s kinda like Yellow Fever but the exact opposite. yea but in this case it’s like the opposite So like Asians (Japanese Women) only dating foreigners (non-Japanese guys), yeah like white guys. Yes. I think that’s kinda true in general. Yaeko: But like I think.. Is it true though? I feel like this can’t just be for a Japanese girl in general.

Like because it’s exactly same for guys. like why are you showing me excessive interest? like do you want something more form me? like do you is he feeling like entitled or something? Yaeko: Yeah, entitled. Cynthia: I don’t know. I think this is kind of a strange point to bring up. Cynthia: So, like you just go along with anything. you don’t really have your opinion. you don’t say it. or like you don’t make decisions. just kind of go with the flow. you agree to things. Ami: I think I’m this kind of girl. Yaeko: Yeah, you seem like this kind of girl. Ami: I don’t state my opinions much after I start dating somebody. Yaeko: But I guess we want our boyfriends to lead us. I think we are afraid of our boyfriends thinking that we are selfish if we state our opinions too much. Cynthia: You think you might be selfish or self-centered Yaeko: I think this might be one of the reasons why Japanese girls are popular.

Because we are like “I will follow you”. Cynthia: I think It’s a bad way of saying (the article) that Japanese women, maybe just… or East Asian women are obedient. Yaeko: Ya ya ya ya Cynthia: Like they won’t to say “no” to you Ami: In the past, I leaned about stereotypes of Japanese women that American people have. They have the stereotype that Japanese women are obedient. Cynthia: Yeah. They won’t say anything back to you. Yaeko: We are perceived as women who would be like “I’m gonna follow you and obey you”. Cynthia: So, in this case, the green card is like American citizenship? Yaeko: Yeah.

It’s like permanent residence. Yaeko: Is it true???? Ami: I don’t know. Yaeko: Do I want Green Card? I don’t really care haha Ami: Me neither. Cynthia: Yes It is totally possible. Yaeko: Umm but I’ve heard many people say that inter-racial married couples get divorced easily. Divorce rate is higher. Cynthia: Eh? Yaeko: Yeah. Inter-racial marriages between Japanese and non-Japanese. Ami: I didn’t know that. I think it’s because of the difference in language, culture, etc… But I think it is possible. Yea. i mean, it is not impossible.

Cynthia: Yeah. It is possible, but there is like just there are more problems. Yaeko: we need effort. Cynthia: need more effort. It’s very difficult BUT it is possible. Yaeko: I believe it’s possible! we have to manage a good balance of give-and-take, we have to recognize what one should accept and say their opinion. Do you know “Rachel and Jun” ? YouTubers. Cynthia: I watch them quite often Yaeko: Yeah they look so cute Cynthia: They are really cute, and they seem to do pretty well. But i think also because Rachel and Jun both know English and Japanese. Yaeko: Oh Yeah. That’s an important thing. Cynthia: Yeah. But it is definitely possible. Just takes more effort. A lot of more effort And a lot of more patience. Yaeko: Especially for Japanese girls. They don’t know what they want.

Sorry! Cynthia: Is this because like you don’t… Yaeko: We don’t normally .. Cynthia: Like you don’t ask yourself? You don’t reflect? And you don’t think about it? or is it? Yaeko: No, no just like we don’t have the culture of saying directly like “I want this”. We are just like polite. We just wanna be polite. I think people don’t say what they want because if they do, people might think they are not polite and selfish.

Anyway! I want you guys who are interested in Japanese women to know Japanese women are a little bit difficult to deal with. But it’s possible to date with Japanese girls. It just like need more effort need to give more attention, need to be more patient, need to give them love <3 … and …. EFFORT Cynthia: Would one of your tips be to ask them directly???? Yaeko: Ummm…Yeah Cynthia: So yeah just continue to be direct try your best to just understand that their culture in general kinda teach us be more reserved and not really speak their minds So, I just need to have to dig a little deeper try harder Ami: It is important to be honest with your feelings.

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