According to previous research, women with more education than their husbands were more likely to divorce. Fortunately, new data proves that that’s not the case anymore. These days, when wives have more education than their husbands, there seems to be no increased chance of divorce at all, says a new[...]

Wives With More Education Than Their Husbands Aren’t Doomed To Divorce After All

*A SLIGHT RUSH* …. Hers were fingers of a needle-worker. She must’ve done some crochet, some knitting — she had cut designers bests. Her hands knew soil yielding fruit from seed planted in all seasons; even those in the dark of moon were refreshing in their bursting. They too were[...]

A Slight Rush

*HERSTORY BEGINS* The vagueness of leaves emerge. They, like ideas, land on our windowpanes where an absence is filled, a shape identified. It is a night of endless moon when plants sown in that season blossom and bloom to become huge. Blood is stirred under the skin. Sex in that[...]


*HERSTORY* … and then there was the white sister from Indiana who remembered an event when she was growing up as a teen. She said she was living with her grandmother at the time. One day, she was laying on the couch and just as she would touch her feet[...]


*THE SOLILOQUY, OR SO IT SEEMS …* “It is different in America. Yes, cultures are really different. “A young mother gives birth in America and one has to be careful about taking the newborn to the breast. It may be considered a violation of the mother’s rights. That baby may[...]

The Soliloquy Or So It Seems!

*LIGHT FROM HER SMILE ENERGY* Notice the light from her smile. It is divine energy flowing from her head. It is and has always been there. It is forever present nurturing her body and consciousness. She’s on a date with you. Her eyes glow, but you need look to other[...]

Light From Her Smile Energy


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Inspire Your Dating on AfricaBeauties

    THE GAZE … So she enters the car. The date begins. This time your eyes move from her dark glistening hair to her neck, move forward to her lips and descend Her eyes follow yours too,because she finds yours are reaching for something. And when yours settle at the[...]

The Gaze