URD’S COMMUNICATION A few moments ago, Urd was intertwined, hooked into a passion conversation with a woman of high feelings, feelings so high that she would compare them with energy from the edge of moonlight. Now, he is almost on his knees, a gentle sob breaking like a seaweed-loaded wavelet[...]

Urd’s Communication

URD’S ENCOUNTER Urd’s mind drifted to remembering a conch, found on occasions when he and other boys went sea-bathing. One or two of the better divers among them would find one, sometimes along edges of coral reefs; even fishermen dragged them in their nets. His thoughts travelled to its color.[...]

Urd’s Encounter

*ZEEN’S SIXTH SENSE* Urd decided to listen. “Zeen, what do you mean by touching the edges of your moonlight?” Zeen was already there on edges in her touch adventure. She needed to touch and speak, almost provide a running commentary or description of whatever came to mind. Could be body[...]

Zeen’s Sixth Sense

*THE ELDER & A DESCENDING MOON* Urd looked with amazement for once at the old woman as she crossed the pedestrian lines, cane in hand, brave, resolute, trusting that drivers hold their feet. It was not that he had not seen an older person crossing streets before; this one caught[...]

The Elder And A Descending Moon

exogenous: *FROM THE OUTSIDE* Zeen was not allowing anyone to disrupt or interrupt her moonlight fantasy. This came around once a month. On such nights, whether full of light, cloud, rain or storm, Zeen would find her body stirred to seek out itself. It was not simply biology or physiology.[...]

Exogenous: From The Outside

*SISTERS CONNECT* Rosetta did not care to take the phone. She had turned her full attention to that vase, its inscriptions, feel and projections. Its material was light, the sort of ceramic that could break easily, but it held a quality of tensility that was rare. Must be the Sudanese[...]

Sisters Connect

*Encounter* Rosetta climbed into her spaceship bed. She had constructed this space effect using pillows of different colors, running two vertically from the top and building a cylindrical-shaped object using pillows to give the effect of being in something. Those pillows were bigger than the average-sized pillows. Their cases were[...]


*A MOMENT’S BOLDNESS* ** *Monday August 4, 2014* “HiUrd,” she said, not realizing the charming sensuality being communicated in her voice. “Hi Zeen,” Urd ansered. “What are you doing?” What am I doing, Zeen thought to herself. He did not say, how are you or how was your day. He[...]

A Moment’s Boldness

*A DIALOGIC TRICKLE* Many times, it is good to be alone with oneself, touching the body, feeling its grooves, its contours, its sudden plunges. Well, by now, they’re not sudden anymore. On occasions, depending on how relaxed I am, my fingertips find the increased wetness at the entrance of my[...]

A Dialogic Trickle

ENTER A DIALOGUE A dialogue issued without words, she reported. Her inner voice communicated, ran a narrative to a line of responses. Thoughts spoken, she said. As she lifted her breasts to the light, she could hear the ocean in the distance rolling back pebbles brought in to shore during[...]

Enter A Dialogue